“Hardcoreorganicdigitaldetox” is hardcore for a reason. We fight fire with fire. Inspired by the “How China” program uses virtual reality as a means to help drug addicts turn their lives around, we figured that the best way to help you get away from the virtual world is by getting into it even more— using virtual reality.
“硬核数据排毒”之所以是“硬核”是有其原因的。我们以毒攻毒,以牙还牙。受一个使用虚拟现实来治疗瘾君子的项目由“How China”所启发,我们发现最好的摆脱虚拟世界的办法,就是通过更深入的进入虚拟世界达到物极必反的效果。































“Happily Contained” is a VR piece narrated by a meditation style voice over, describing the connections of Lifestyle branding, politics, and “unicorn” tech companies, how they are intertwined. Lifestyle brands are all about self-expression because of post materialism. It shows that one is part of a group by the way they live and through the culture they want to identify with. The way people interact with social media on a daily level is often about expressing oneself in such a way that identifies with a specific group or culture, especially in the age of the Personalization Algorithm. Under the filter bubble you will only see your group, which triggers the people to become more extreme and unhappy with center politics which can be seen as boring, slow, and unwilling to change with the times. The sense includes Trump's border wall, Chinese internet great fire wall, algorithm filter bubble utopian, nostalgic American dream, Tech company monsters, etc

“Happily Contained”是一件虚拟现实作品,温柔的旁白叙事中,讲述了样板化的生活方式传销、被社交媒体算法深度侵蚀下的政治环境与独角兽技术公司的泡沫之间的关系。所谓“生活方式品牌”就是一种因为后现代物质主义而产生的一味追究自我表达。生活方式品牌”体现了人们通过寻找文化和身份认同来寻找归属感。尤其是在这个个性化算法的年代,人们日常与社交媒体交流的方式一般都是关于自我表达,这种自我表达往往是人们对某一种特殊集体或者文化的认知。在过滤气泡中,你只会看到自己的集体,这使得人们对中立的政治观点更加不关心,因为与极端的政治观点相比,它们看上去更无聊,而不是立竿见影。作品里包括了特朗普的墙,中国互联网防火墙,算法滤镜气泡的乌托邦,怀旧美国梦,独角兽科技公司的算法怪兽等等。


© 2018 by Miao Ying

Commissioned by M+ for M+ Stories, 2018. ‘Hardcore Digital Detox’ is the first work in M+’s series of digital commissions. Learn more and read the curatorial statement here.